Welcome to My Practice

Q. What is the goal of the practice?

A. As a Catholic psychologist* my goal is that you find this practice as a place for healing: healing of heart, soul, mind, behavior, relationships with others, and even how you think and feel about yourself.

Q.  How does therapy begin?

A.  Therapy begins with telling your story, not someone else’s, just your unique story. That’s because past hurts, problems, and concerns are all imbedded in your particular story.

Q. What kinds of concerns might bring me to therapy?

A. All kinds of concerns might bring someone to therapy. These include shyness, sadness, family or marital conflict, worry, anxiety, parenting concerns, eating concerns, loneliness, confusion, sexual problems, and much, much more. As a rule, if it bothers you think about sharing your concerns and if I can help I will. If I can’t I’ll help refer you to someone who can.

Q. What’s different about seeing a Catholic psychologist?

A. Much is the same. Excellent, cost-effective, caring, research supported psychotherapy is simply the best of psychotherapy and clients should insist on that. However, there are choice points in psychotherapy and I have an obligation to tell clients where I’m coming from and they may want someone who can help them with symptoms or dealing with habits or making sense of their life stories, but who also help with their spiritual journeys. That’s an additional option with me.

I welcome the privilege of walking with you in your journey toward wholeness.  Consider contacting me

Ray Biersbach, PhD.

*To learn more about what I mean when I say I am a Catholic therapist I invite you to look in on www.catholictherapists.com.